Offcut x The Weaving Mill Offcut x The Weaving Mill

Offcut x The Weaving Mill

As you know, we produce a whole lot of scrap around here.

Turns out, our friends at The Weaving Mill do too.

This is a collection of objects produced in collaboration with the local artist-run industrial fiber studio just down the street from us in Chicago - all made from the scrap generated in our respective production lines. 

These are one of a kind pieces, but everything you see in the collection can be made to order - with the very important caveat that what you get may be slightly different from what you see! Remember, we're working with the scrap material we have on hand ... so a chair might have to be made in say oak instead of walnut. Or the colors of a cushion might be red and purples instead of blues and pinks. 

Either way, we can make you things that look very similar to what you see here - and we will work with you as best as we can to get your very own dreamy piece of Offcut x TWM collaboration. We can communicate directly about what we have available, so email us! We will get back to you about what is possible in less than 24 hours.