Stack and Stitch Lamps Stack and Stitch Lamps

Stack and Stitch Lamps


OCxTWM04     Fabric, plywood, acrylic paint 

Rough cut ply with paint wash - 18 x 18 x 24"

Sanded ply with paint layers - 14 x 14 x 23" 

A mish-mosh of plaids and stripes are stitched together to make this one-of-a-kind scrap lampshade.  The base of the lamp is made from stacked plywood scraps, glued together and cut with a chainsaw into a unique organic shape.  We took two different approaches for finishing the bases - one is left more raw and textured, treated with an emerald paint wash. The other has been more thoroughly sanded for a smooth finish - the paint is layered with a red undercoat and sanded back to highlight edges where the facets meet.