Make something with us...

Offcut hosts semi-regular public workshops in our showroom, using scrap material and tools to guide people through simple DIY projects.  Below are a few that we've run in the past, often in conjunction with our scrap sales and holiday parties. We're always cooking up new ones! So keep your eyes on our instagram and newsletters for upcoming events.

All workshops listed below are available for private events as well! Perfect for special occasions, company outings, or just a creative evening with your friends. We can host workshops in our showroom for groups ranging from 10-50 and will work with the details your particular situation, including catering and beverages if that's your thing.

Get in touch with us at for details and pricing :)


Scrap Bin Candlesticks


This is a low-skill make & take project where participants arrange and attach pre-cut pieces of wood into a sculptural candlestick holder. Participants choose two major components, a base and a stem, and smaller pieces - with a mix of shapes, sizes, and colors - are then added as decorative elements.  After the candlestick is assembled, guests will have the option of adding a few decorative painted touches.   

We will help guide with advice on color and composition, as well as attachment techniques.  This has minimal tool use and is more of a social crafting activity.  Guests will leave with a finished candlestick.

⬩ Level of difficulty:  1/5

⬩ Number of people:  up to 50

⬩ Hours: 1.5 - 2 

⬩ Tools:  Drills and hot glue guns


Stack Candlesticks 

Participants compose their own one-of-a-kind candlestick holders using pre-cut and drilled blocks of scrap wood.  Blocks are prepped in a variety of shapes and colors, and participants stack the blocks onto a central post, creating their own unique compositions. At the end the post is trimmed with a handsaw and everything is connected together with a drilled screw connection through the top of the candlestick.  A simple and social DIY activity suitable for groups of all sizes and skill levels.   

⬩ Level of difficulty:  1/5

⬩Number of people: up to 50

⬩Hours: 1.5 - 2 

⬩Tools: drills, hand saws 


Wall Shelves 

A two hour workshop where participants compose and assemble a small wall shelf while being introduced to some basic woodworking tools. Participants choose their parts from a wide variety of pre-cut scrap, all chosen for unique character, interesting shapes and textures.  Small shelves and pegs for hanging are then arranged and attached to a backer piece using several different connection techniques.  Attach everything together with screws and wood glue, finish up with an oil finish, and voila! A custom shelf ready to hang on the wall.  

⬩ Level of difficulty: 2/5

⬩ Max number of people: approximately 15 

⬩ Hours: 2 - 3 

⬩ Tools: Hand drill and drill press, tenon cutter, clamps/screws/glue, oil finish 



Cutting Boards


Design your own hardwood cutting board using a set of pre-cut templates that can be mixed and matched into various arrangements for one-of-a-kind compositions. Students will learn about bandsaw techniques as they cut out their unique shapes. Sanders and wood files are used for refining and finishing. 


⬩ Level of difficulty: 3/5

⬩Number of people:  10 max 

⬩Hours: 2-3 

⬩Tools: Bandsaw, wood files, belt sander, spindle sander, orbital sander