Folded Stool in Green Folded Stool in Green

Folded Stool in Green

13x 17 x 18"
Douglas fir plywood, paint wash

This stool kicks off a colorful new collection of furniture built from our growing pile of scrap fir plywood. We made use of a simple geometric motif to unify all of the pieces - angled, triangular shapes - to create objects with a nice functional simplicity. Everything in this collection is hand-painted with a wash finish, for a humble, no frills sort of vibe.  
As for the stool - leg parts set at opposing angles are assembled into two nesting layers, appearing to fold over each other - an effect made more dramatic with the two-toned paint wash. This piece would be great in lots of different color combinations, and could function as an end table, a display shelf, or even a longer bench.  Reach out and we are happy to work on options!