Grab Bag Cutting Boards Grab Bag Cutting Boards

Grab Bag Cutting Boards

OC61        Misc hardwood, aniline dye 
A charming batch of mixed material cutting and serving boards. There's a number of different styles available, some with handles & some without, some with colorful accents & some all natural. All are made with a mix of solid hardwood scrap material - maple, walnut, ash, elm - and given a food safe finish.  These are perfect for giving but also perfect for your own holiday table spread :-)
Walnut Live Edge

14.5 x 18" 
Ash and Walnut Tray with Green Handles
12 x 14"
Maple Butcher Block Set
6.5 x 9"
9 x 12" 
12 x 14.5"
Elm Tray with Yellow Handles
10 x 14" 
Walnut Butcher Blocks
12.5 x 15" 
Hickory Butcher Block
9.5 x 15"

Walnut Ellipse with Yellow Divider
10 x 19" 
Walnut and Beech Round with Green Divider
15.5 x 15.5"