Timber Stools II Timber Stools II

Timber Stools II

OC46    cedar with oil finish, white oak with paint

14 x 14 x 14"
Edition of 2 

These stools are a retake of Offcut's very first piece, released almost exactly one year ago.  A slice off a solid 12x12" cedar timber is sanded down and given a hand applied oil finish to protect and enhance the material's striking wood grain. The cedar block nests into a collapsible geometric base painted a complimentary, cool green. We're calling them stools, but they work just as well as side tables, pedestals, plant stands, whatever your home desires. 

This is the very first piece from our very first Offcut 'collection' - a series of objects designed around some of our largest and most charming scrap wood, cutoffs of cedar timbers left over from a major outdoor installation a few years back.  Stay tuned for more pieces in the weeks ahead!