Wood Weft Lounge Chair Wood Weft Lounge Chair

Wood Weft Lounge Chair


OCxTWM07     Oiled Douglas Fir, thread, nails 

31 x 24 x 28" 

This low slung chair once again makes use of our (un)patented woven wood slats to create a continuous seating surface that’s both elegant and surprisingly comfortable.  The thread material for this process is a satisfying type of reuse - the bundles of yarn left over from weaving jobs on the large powerloom are just the right length to transfer to the floor loom and use up every last inch.  As for the wood - a leftover batch of douglas fir 2x12 lumber forms the rounded shapes of the chair body and the slats of the seat, pairing beautifully with the multi-hued pattern of woven thread.  Fun and surprising details emerge on closer look - playful fringe at the top and bottom of the woven elements, a row of nailheads attaching the seat slats.